Robin, la qualité en peinture

Robin, quality on paint

Our company

About us: Robin since 1927…

  • 1927 – Robin SA is created for a manufacture commissioning of paints and varnishes in Useldange.
  • 1957 – A subsidiary is settled in Luxembourg. Start of the commercialisation of automotive paints.
  • 1987 – Moving to Rue de la Deportation. Increased development of the Automotive lacquers Standox division.
  • 1999 – Construction of a massive warehouse in Useldange.
  • 2002 – Environmental Prize for the Robinhyd line-up.
  • 2004 – Start of the construction of warehouse-retailer in Leudelange.
  • 2005 – Start of the construction of a new factory in Useldange.
  • 2007 – A new factory is inaugurated at Useldange. 80th anniversary celebration of Robin.
  • 2007 – Inauguration of the new warehouse-retailer in Leudelange. 50 years partnership with Standox.


Robin: the quality at any price.

Robin products are highly reputated.
Genuinely Luxembourgish and created for the professionals.
Robin is a combination of respect for the environment and high quality.
Our engagement for preservation of the environment lead us to create aqueous paints and “high solid” products.
Our objective is to reduce the value of VOC way lower than legal norms.


Robin: the service is our priority.

Robin is always close to its clients.
Robin offers a big range of paints for buildings and industry, available at Useldange or Leudelange.
Our specialists will guide you in your choices and procedures. Our customer will be provided with all the chosen products in a minimum of time.
Our trucks are available for delivery any day to any location in Luxembourg and abroad.


Robin: an industrial paint for the experts.

Numerous industrial companies trust Robin as their professional partner.
We help you to define a product suiting your exact needs, whatever it is aqueous or solvent base: lacquers, fast drying primers, 2KPolyurethane, 2K Epoxy…
Robin is a reliable ally for its flexibility, client-relationship, and speed.


Robin: high quality paint for buildings.

Interior// Exterior

High quality paints for any surface:
Wood// Walls and ceilings// Metals// Facades// Roofs// Ground and roads

Specific products for any stage of treatment:
Surfacers// Degreasers and driers// Coatings// Removers// Solvents// Primers// Sealers// Finishing lacquers

Decorative paints for any styling:
Paint with effects: Rivedil and Valpaint
Clay-based paint: Lesando

Specific accessories to suit your work:

Brushes and rolls// Stairs// Uniforms// Tools// Ground protections// 50 representations.


Robin is a specialist in wallpapers and floor coverings.

Robin is also a specialist in wallpapers. Our Leudelange site hosts a 350m2 showroom to present you a large choice of wallpapers, non-wovens, fibreglass e.t.c…

A number of examples are available in form as a direct show case.
A big stock allows you to take away your purchases right from the store.
Thousands of other articles are available on demand.

Furthermore, our department of floor coverings offers you a large choice of laminate floors, solid wood floors, elastic floors and adhesive and accessories for floors and setting, our specialist will provide advice.

A qualified personnel is at your disposal for any advice or help.

Décor Academy

Robin: Rivedil, Valpaint and Lesando Training

We offer our clients way more than just a delivery.
Robin created a training centre at Useldange.
Professional painters may learn specific techniques of clay based paint and more…

This training is designed for and by the professional painters.
You will master new techniques in much reduced time.

We allow you to practice and exchange your professional experiences.


High-quality automotive paints.

We have a successful 50 year partnership with Standox, a world leader in automotive paints. A lot of body shops and car lots are confident in our products. Our Standox and Dupont Refinish line-ups cover all your needs. We also offer you a vast choice of related equipment and accessories: tools, working shoes, bodywork stands, sand paper…

Information Centre

Robin: bodywork painting training.

Robin IC offers training sessions for body-work painters, as well as detailed and concise seminars.
The subjects are concerning new systems, products as well as the performances and healthcare.
This course has an objective of practical application of acquired techniques on daily professional base.